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And after almost a year, we have another show!

Saturday, January 9th
2nd Annual Brew & View Screening of:
featuring Madison's own Velvet Darkness Cast
at the Majestic Theater
Music By ___________ ? (thoughts?) 10pm - 11:45pm
Movie at Midnight | Tickets $7

Bring your friends, bring your enemies and get them to buy booze!
* * *
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Does it Float?

Yes, this is a Rocky Related post on the VD LJ, not my own journal. How surreal is that? More so than I.

October 2, anyone? Yes it is another Friday. Yes, I know that too. But here it is. Discuss.
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The morning after

That did not suck.

With only two run throughs, day of show, and most of the cast only arriving for the second one, I think we looked pretty sharp. For what usually passes for a regularly weekly cast, we would have looked sharp. And as well as a successful show, it was also a learning experience. Next show will be better.

Advice to cast, you know how to do the big movements, now concentrate on details. You are already great. The only way to be better is a combination of more experience with the space, and a focus on gestures. I can take the same advice.

Regarding future dates, it is generally agreed that February is nice, but holding out for a Saturday is better. The Maj likes to fill their schedule very quickly. So the next show ill likely be a few months off. But the nicer end of that is that after that, we will be aiming for a consistent regular run, very likely once a month. Its not an if at this point. We are clearly a when.
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Attn Cast: This minute's version of the plan

We are going to move boxes and props to the theatre today. Anybody who want to pitch should log onto either AIM or Yahoo to chat at me. My addresses for that should be on my profile here. You can also call me, but I'm not posting my number online. This must happen during normal business hours. Majestic people will be out the building by six. This means my role is to coordinate from home with my kids crawling over me. Probably better anyway, since it means I can be reached, but I'm sorry I can't throw in.

For Friday, I will be aiming to be at the theatre by noon. Any bodies available to join me are encouraged. We will lay out blocking, put some tape on the floor for people's marks and get the dressing room ready. I hope to start run throughs by five or six. Please everyone be there by then. We will be without the sound system until seven, so not all scenes will be done in order. Blah blah, read as I'm still working out rehearsal schedule and will be until tomorrow when we do it. Anyway the band will be doing sound check by eight, so we need to be done by then.

Doors open at nine. We will need to coordinate a few bodies to do bag checks and virgin checks at the door. I'm thinkin six bodies to do half hour shifts. I'll take one or two, as needed, but I can't do all. I also want to have a couple assholes sitting at a table to be costume contest judges. That should be an all night job, but you only have to make it through two hours or fifteen people, and you can take turns on breaks. Liz has already agreed to be selling crap, but she will need someone to take over by 10:30 to do her make-up. So for an hour, I'm thinking whoever plays Trixie is best for that. Speaking of which, Trixie is still undecided. Accepting bids for it now. I got a body or two in mind I'm asking, or it will be me. And you do not want me to be Trixie, so volunteer.

I hope to start the pre-show around 11:25. I will be grandstanding on the disclaimer spot for about three minute, maybe a minute more. I will ask the costume contest people to join me on the side at this time. I will hand off to Kyle, doing the rules, and getting the virgins up on stage. Phil will take over for the Sacrifice. Kyle will return for the costume contest which will consist of the bodies walking across the stage and standing for the winners to be announced, and prizes to be handed out. Promptly removing them, we will soak up any time remaining with the rest of the basic rituals. Jimi will do the call letters and get the crowd shouting at midnight, and then you should know what happens next.

After all that, I could probably help people move stuff if someone else felt like watching the kids, but that feels like robbing Peter to pay Paul.